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As a specialist in the advertising material market, Präsent-Service von Steinmetz stands for comprehensive support for our customers. We have been supporting numerous national and international companies since 1985 and help, among other things, with the selection, design, procurement and distribution of innovative promotional items. Some custom-made products and realized promotions are exhibited on our new homepage.

As an authorized premium dealer, we can offer products from exclusive top brands.

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Senator® Made in Germany.

Entdecken Sie das klassische Kugelschreiber-Design jetzt in aufregend frischen Farben! Hochwertige Kombination aus Metall und Kunststoff.
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RICHARTZ® Magazine 01-2024

A design object. A real all-rounder. Every RICHARTZ® product is full of positive features and is as individual as its owner. It reliably delivers what it promises. And is always at hand when you [...]
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prodir® DS11

With just two parts, the DS11 stands for elegant simplicity without any frills, which writes well, can be refilled indefinitely and is perfect for clear brand messages that want to get to the point.
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Ostern 2024

Süße Werbemittel mit Augenleuchten Garantie! Wir wünschen Ihnen eine bunte Ostereiersuche 2024!
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Osterboten 2024

Unsere neuen Oster-  / Frühjahrsboten 2024 sind endlich da!
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BottleBags EU

Meet the BottleBag Europe collection. A creation that values eco-conscious design and contributes to the European economy. These BottleBags are proudly made in Europe from 100 pieces in only 3 [...]
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Betz Manufaktur

Mehr als nur Salz und Pfeffer.
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Die schönsten RICHARTZ® Produkte für Ihre besten Kunden! In der Tradition der Klingenstadt Solingen produziert RICHARTZ® in der vierten Generation weltweit Produkte, die das Leben einfacher und [...]
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Trends 2023

Entdecken Sie unsere neuesten Highlights: Unsere topaktuellen Produkte. Ob Sie nach den neuesten Gadgets suchen oder einfach nur auf der Suche nach neuen Inspirationen sind, unsere Auswahl wird [...]
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Adventskalender 2023

Entdecken Sie Nachhaltigkeits-Champions wie z.B. den innovativen Lindt Adventskalender „Cube“Organic (Seite 68), oder den neuen Adventskalender Lindt „LKW“ Organic (Seite 84). Kreatives [...]
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Inspiration magazine 2023

Looking for a supplier that can print paper bags into real pieces of art? You have come to the right place at präsent-service.
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Rituals Gifts

B2B Partner RITUALS, CORPORATE GIFTING, Surprise your clients, partners, or other business relations with a luxurious gift.
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